Find a Number provides you with dedicated Information, Call Connection and Signposting Service (ICSS) and call recording services, putting you through to the company you want and recording the call you need.

As well as connection and recording services we also have additional information that could come in useful to you even if you don’t use our service directly.

How our service works;

  1. Use the search function at the top of the page to find the company you are looking for
  2. When you find the company you want choose the right department (if more than 1 is available)
  3. Click on the number to call or type it into your phone
  4. We will connect you directly to the customer service department

How call recording works

  1. Complete steps above
  2. When prompted
    • Press 1 to record your call
    • Press 2 to continue without recording
  3. Mobile callers will receive a text message with a unique PIN number for retrieval of the call. If calling from a landline then please visit the retrieve recording page after your call and enter the details required to locate your audio file.

How do I retrieve my recorded call?

  1. Submit your telephone number, the number you dialled and your PIN <a href=””>here</a>

Legal stuff

Find a Number is fully regulated by the Phone-paid Services Authority in its capacity as the regulator for all premium rate phone-paid services in the United Kingdom. You can find out more about the Phone-paid Services Authority by visiting their website.